post-title How Does Summer Affect Your Sex Drive?

How Does Summer Affect Your Sex Drive?

How Does Summer Affect Your Sex Drive?

How Does Summer Affect Your Sex Drive?

Summer is the time when most people take their vacations. And vacation mean fun and enjoyment. Well, haven’t you noticed a difference that during summers you have more sex with your partners then winters? We never noticed these small things also, but the fact is that summers are more sex pro then winters. A study has shown that people who are in hotter areas have more sex then people living in colder areas. Moreover, there are many more reasons that affects your sexual drives during summers. Here we will take a look at those reasons closely. Before we go on further, it was also found out that around thirty five percent of population avoids having sex during summers because of that scorching heat. However, we also have brought some suggestions for you that will not stop you to have sex with an escort Hamburg, even in hottest summers. So, there is no need to sacrifice your erotic desires anymore. Beat the heat and have sex as much as you want.

How to have sex during summers

There are many hacks that will beat the heat and will give you immense pleasure when you are having sex. The biggest problem is the heat. So if you have money, get an air conditioner and enjoy your sex in the cold AC. However, people who can’t afford air conditioners can use alternate methods. To beat the heat, instead of missionary position, opt for positions that keep your bodies apart and has very minimal body contact. For example doggy style would be the best. Moreover, pool parties and beach parties are a highlight and it is always fun to have sex outdoors until you are not caught. Well, you can also fulfill this kink by going to private pool parties or booking your private hut at the beach. If you can’t afford to book a hut, you can easily have sex on the sand but make sure to keep two towels with you so that you can hide yourselves too. There are some positions that are suitable for beach sex. Moreover, you can go into your shower and enjoy your orgasm with your sweetheart in cold water. You may also use ice to cool down the body and there are many others. However, let’s get back to the point, as to how summers affect your sex drives. So, are you ready to know this secret? Then be with us, Callgirls Hamburg will reveal it.

Vitamin D from the sunlight improves your sex hormones production

We all have known that vitamin D is very beneficial for our health but little do we know that this same nutrient also boosts male and female sex hormones that are testosterone and estrogen. Many studies have proved this statement correct. And in another study it was also found that males with high vitamin D level in their blood had access production of testosterones, compared to those who had lesser amount of the same nutrient. Hence many sexologists and studies have proved that vitamin D makes people horny. And summer is the time when you are not only getting Vitamin D from your daily meals but you also have sufficient amount due to bright sunlight.

Summers boost serotonin levels

Well, if you don’t know what serotonin is, then allow us to explain you. These are hormones that are related to pleasure. That is why it is said that drug addicts and alcoholics get addicted to the substance because it gives them pleasure by increasing their serotonin level. With vitamin D sunlight also increases your serotonin level. This is why you experience better orgasm and have pleasure while having sex. This memory gets stuck in your brain and whenever you are having sex, your serotonin level boosts up. Hence you unconsciously crave for sex more. Like a druggy or an alcoholic craves for the substance more and more after one does it.

Summer clothes can be another reason for your arousal

In summer, we stop wearing body hugging clothes, and prefer wearing lose clothe and carry very minimal garments. Be it male or female. You will see shirtless guys more in summers on a run or exercising and women also tend to wear shorter clothes, like shorts, miniskirts and etc. Also in summers, many people opt for places like beaches where women are seen in their bikinis and what can be hotter than a high-class escort girl coming out of the ocean all wet in her bikini. It will surely give a boner to any men. Whereas during winters, you have to be all covered and winters also makes you lazy. Who will do all the hard work to take off the clothes and do everything, rather people prefer cuddling and having a good sleep in arms of each other.

Women are turned on when men are turned on

As the time is progressing, fitness is the major health check that every guy has. Almost everyone wants to get hot and sexy beach bodies for summers, so they can impress any girl they want. And a guy with six packs is a weakness of many women. Increase in exercise also increases the levels of testosterone which make men hornier and also help them to last longer in bed. So ladies, if you want a guy with six packs, then summers are the best time to find one and guys, if you want to impress that hot chic in bikini and want to take her to your room then start the process of getting a beach body.

Before concluding this post, we want to tell you that summers may bring you the best orgasm and make you hornier, but don’t have too much sex that you get eaten out. After all summers also causes tiredness and fatigue. So, keep yourself hydrated and enjoy your summers. If you want to know more about how to have sex in summers without hating your partner then memorize the tips we gave you above. It won’t only fulfill your desires but the minimal contact will also make sure that your body’s temperature doesn’t increase to a fatal level. As when you are horny your body temperature increases and you get hotter when you are actually doing action. So be safe and have a great summer!