post-title 4 Sex Positions That Will Hit Her G-Spot

4 Sex Positions That Will Hit Her G-Spot

4 Sex Positions That Will Hit Her G-Spot

4 Sex Positions That Will Hit Her G-Spot

Men who keep their woman happy are the happiest men themselves. Well, this phrase fits in every manner. It is believed that a women can give more than what she is asked for, if you keep her happy. However, in the heat of moment many men forget that if they are having orgasm, they will do their way. They forget that their female partner also deserves orgasm. Many men think, if they are best at having sex, it is because they have longer dicks. And men who have shorter dicks think they are not good in bed. Well, let’s save this debate of longer or shorter dick for the later and focus on the main point that women are sometimes left without orgasm. Ladies are not only your pleasure givers. It takes two to tango. If you want to have good sex with your partner, then you must also make sure that your lady is also having a good time. Well, we wouldn’t blame men for not knowing how to make their sweethearts scream with pleasure. But we surely know how you can become a sex god for your girl and surprise her by giving her the best ride she ever had. If you are also a television show FRIENDS like us, then you would also want your Monica to tell her bestie Rachel that she had the best sex of her life, when Monica and Chandler were playing secret boyfriend game.

How can you make your girl shiver with immense pleasure?

Well, many men think, it is their dick but actually it is their own body part. All you have to do is to focus on her now. According to sexologists, stimulation in women clitoris and G spot makes them orgasm and leaves them feeling fulfilled. First, Many studies have shown that the more stimulation is caused at these two spots the more pleasurable it is for your women. So instead of directly getting to the business now, put your head between her legs or your fingers first, and make them feel the world’s happiness. This will not only make you best at it, but this change will bring happiness and prosperity in your relationship too. Well, when you are having sex, there are many things going on, don’t decide what you will do, leave yourself free and be in the moment, do what you feel right. As women show you the results instantly. You can easily judge them by their expressions and moaning, whether they are real or are just faking it. If they ask you to go ahead, listen to them. Because ladies are always right. And it is actually. Women are always proved to be right. Well, not only the science supports this stance, but a myth has also got its back. So in every way it is proven that women don’t need your big dicks to take in, but they want you to learn the techniques to fulfill their desires.

Why changing positions is important for female orgasm during penetration

Different sex positions mean different adventure every time. Sometimes it can work but sometimes you may fail miserably. However, without experience you cannot tell which position goes for you. What if the position that you are currently thinking was made for you but another position can bring you more pleasure. Well, even during penetration the stimulating orgasm remain the same. That is why for female orgasm you need to choose those positions that will help you to stimulate your partner’s g-spot even when you are all in. Well, if you don’t know which positions will be easy to do and you can also give the ride to your girl then we have brought to you four extremely best positions that will make bring both of you to the pinnacle of your fulfillment feelings.

4 Sex Positions That Will Hit Her G-Spot

Be a pup to your bitch

One of the most common yet only for BDSM lovers. This position does wonders. Yes, it is doggy style. All you have to do is to bring your escort girl in a position like a baby crawls and if she is on the bed, then you can stand behind her and go all in or if you guys are on a flat surface, then you can kneel down and put your little one into her. As a penis is naturally little downwards, this creates contact with your girl’ G spot which makes her scream out of pleasure that gives you orgasm too.

Old school missionary but with legs in the air

Well you would have listened to, many singer shouting “put your hands up in the air” but here you will have to shout “put your legs up in the air”. If you love missionary position, but also want to touch the G-spot, then instead of asking your escort Hamburg to open her legs like a frog, tell her to put her legs up in the air or rest them on your shoulder. This will make it easier for your little devil to find the spot perfectly and hit it. You are about to get your girl on a best orgasm ride of her life.

Chill and fuck

Well, if you are tired from changing positions, then let your callgirl ride you. Stay back and take a rest at the headboard. Sit in a way that your body is in 45 degree angle. Then as your girl to sit on you. As you will be at a 45 degree angle, your dick will be curling to your body and when your girl will sit on it, it will directly hit her g spot.

Cuddle your women from back

Spooning is also a good position for starters. It is best when having morning sex. You won’t have to get up and get into the position. All you have to do is cuddle your girl from behind and go all inside her. This will not only give her pure forms of pleasure but will also directly hit the spot perfectly.