post-title Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Most of the men in the world are unhappy with their penis size. One fact that men can never understand is a difference between myths and reality. According to some myth, women can only get pleasure with big dicks. And this traditional myth is passed on to every generation. It is an astonishing fact that man actually believe this to be true, just because female pornstars only get fucked by big dicks. Well, buddy you are not a pornstar. It is a wise saying never believe anything until you experience it yourself. Inferiority complex in men regarding their penis size is growing. And just because a friend has an inch longer erected penis than you, it doesn’t make you less of a man. Ladies, if you are reading this, and feeling cringe about guys knowing each other sizes, then yes, boys do discuss this. Like you gossip about how a bitch at your college is sexy. Moving back to the point. All the boys, understand one thing, girls are not in love with you because of your penis size. But they are in love with you because of who you are. There is a study in which men who were not satisfied with their size were unhappy and felt unattractive and unmanly. Whereas men who thought their penis is longer and thicker they were self-confident, and thought are attractive. Well, this is the level of men, they think their attractiveness and handsomeness is judged by their size. No boys, it is not. Well, we have some proofs that will remove this whole big dick stigmas.

It’s not your dick, it’s you

In one study, women were asked how they felt when they got unsolicited dick pics. And most of the women were disgusted. However, there were women who said that it is better if the guy sends his full picture, because we are not attracted by their penis, we are attracted to whom it is attached. Well, this study is not related to our subject. But we wanted to make a point that your unsolicited close up dick pics won’t get you laid, but your full picture with your unsolicited dick pics may get you attention and laid. So guy, it is not your dick, it is your own self. Your face, your features, your body and most importantly who you are that attracts and turns on a girl. When girls kiss you, they don’t kiss you after seeing your dick, but they kiss you after seeing who you are.

But dicks do matter in sex?

Well, men would easily now change their stance and will say that they think that if they had bigger dicks they could feel more orgasm and could give orgasm to their ladies. As far as your orgasm is concerned, the size is not equal to the amount of your orgasm, it is just a feeling you get. Sometime you get more, sometime you get less and some time you may have to fake it. It doesn’t mean that if you had a big dick you wouldn’t have to fake it. Many guys with big dicks also fakes their orgasm too. And now let’s see what women have their opinions on this. Don’t be a part of a patriarchy, be an actual men and let the sex ladies decide whether your small or bigger size matters to them and what does science say about it.

Doctors prove that dick size doesn’t matter

According to biology, there are two main areas from where stimulation causes women to reach at the pinnacle of their orgasm. One is clitoris and the other is G-spot, it is one third from the clitoris. If stimulation from rubbing half of your finger can bring women to orgasm then your small penis can as well. SO now you know that penis size has zero importance. Nonetheless, if your penis size is average: 4.5 to 6 when erected, then you are good to go. Around sixty eight percent of the male population has sizes between this. So, men you are not alone. Almost every other men will be unhappy. However, now you don’t have to be sad, because doctors have proved that your little soldier has to be strong not bigger.

Even myth proves penis size never mattered

Let’s explain this stance to men in their way. As men loves to believe on myths especially if they are about their little guy. Then just know that according to myths, an African queen ordered her servant to have sex with her. Because the king went on a long voyage, leaving her all alone and unsatisfied. When the guard went in he was nervous and that’s is why his body trembled on to the queen’s body. Instead of penetration his dick was rubbing on to her clitoris and g spot, which caused her to ejaculate. And it was when squirting came into being. So, even myth says, that spots are important sizes aren’t. So, our male friends, now you have contradicting myth. If your friend tries to pass on the big dick myth, stop him and instead pass on this one. This will not only give you victory over your friend but you would help many other men as this myth goes out and is on every one’s tongue. Don’t change the mood, change the myth.

A fun fact to know

Many men would have a debate ready that they have heard women talking about the size of the dick themselves. Then how can this not matter. Well, men, start listening to what they are talking about. Are they talking about the length of it or are they conversing about its width. Yes! Many man think that women talk about length but in actuality they are sharing how thick it is with their girl pals. So pay attention on thickness, because shorter but thicker tool is a win-win, but longer and slimmer one is lose-lose. Any men who know how to make love, will give their women a good time in bed, nonetheless whatever size it is.