post-title Outdoor Sex – How To Have Great Sex On The Beach

Outdoor Sex – How To Have Great Sex On The Beach

Outdoor Sex – How To Have Great Sex On The Beach

Outdoor Sex – How To Have Great Sex On The Beach

Kink is something that makes your sex adventurous and leaves you with immense pleasure in the end. Likewise one of those kinks is to have sex outdoors. However, sometimes this kink backfires very badly because once you are caught doing in public places, you are either getting arrested for creating a nuisance or you are becoming a social media sensation (laughing stock). Well, you surely don’t want either of it. However, what if Callgirls Hamburg can tell you some really cool hacks with which you can enjoy a great orgasm outdoors, especially at the beach and also catch no one’s eye. You were finding it since long right? So if you are ready to have a great adventure at the beach then stay with us. Before we get started, many researchers forbid to have sex at the beach because sand dries all the natural lubrications due to which your escort girl can get vaginal infections. Well, you must be thinking to drop the plan already, because you can’t see your darling crying with pain just because of a few minutes’ happy ending and kink. However, we have taken out a few ways, and positions that will keep sand away from your lady’s vagina and you can enjoy the session without getting caught, becoming a laughing stock or without getting your girl’s vagina infectious. You must be thinking how, right? That is why let’s get onto the point and let us introduce to the path that will take you to fulfill your wildest fantasy with ease.

Sex positions that are suitable for beaches

Before we tell you about these positions let us give you one tip. Do keep a large towel with you or beach chairs. This will help you to have privacy in the non-private areas. Didn’t understand yet? Well, you will surely do once we reveal these positions to you.

Make your escort sit on your lap

Planning for a sunbath together? Well, as your escort Hamburg came out in her sexy bikini, your little soldier alarmed you and now your boner is clearly visible from your swimming shorts. As your girl sees it, her seducing sight makes you want to have her more. But you are at the beach? What can you do? And you won’t want to go inside again, because the weather is perfect for sitting outdoors and having fun. What to do now. Well, here you will use your huge towels that we asked you to keep with you. Spread one towel on the sand, make yourself comfortable and sit first. Make sure you can take your dick out from your shorts. Then ask your escort model to come and sit on your lap. Just push the bikini line on the side and get into her. Put the second towel on top of her. And then give her the ride. If anyone sees you, they will just think two cuties, enjoying the beach. But little do they know that this enjoyment is orgasmic enjoyment.

Fuck till sun goes down

When you are on the beach, the most beautiful moment is when sun is setting on its horizons. Well, as night falls, it brings naughtiness in you. Stopping your wants at this moment won’t be justice to yourself. So enjoy the sunset, while you are inside your escort. It seems like a dream come true. Isn’t it? Well, all you have to do is, spread your towel on the edge of a lifeguard tower or use a beach chair. You settle into a sitting position and ask your Hamburg escort to sit on you. It will be similar to the last position, but the only difference would be that you would be sitting like you sit on the chair but in the last one you sat on the floor. Once you are all in, then put a towel on you again so that, whatever you are doing underneath it, remains a secret. Well, this position is safer in terms of contact with sand. Particles of sand can go inside your vagina as you will be on the ground, but there is no chance for it in this one as you will be above the ground level. And if anyone watches you, they will feel as a romantic couple spending some quality time while getting cozy with each other. No one will have the slightest idea of what actually is going on, so you are safe in every aspect.

Face each other and also keep an eye

Well, if sitting isn’t giving you that much pleasure or you are getting uncomfortable, you can do it even while lying. All you have to do is spread your towel on the ground, lie down on that towel facing each other. And then put another towel on yourself to cover yourselves up. This position won’t only prove to be the best orgasmic position for you guys, but you can also keep a watch on the beach if anyone is coming near you, so you can stop immediately and save up your asses from getting into trouble. Well, this won’t only bring contact between your bodies, but you can also enjoy some great smooches too. And it is a researched fact that women tend to get more orgasm if they are kissed while getting fucked. So buddy, make your callgirl scream with pleasure and be her sex god by fulfilling kink of having outdoors and give her the best ride. All the best.

Get into the ocean and beat the heat

As water touches your skin you feel horny and once your hot and sexy escort girlfriend is along with you, you may get uncontrollable. So stop controlling yourself and get onto the business. Go into the ocean, slide down your shorts, take your whore on you and give her a good ride. Well, being in ocean and smooching won’t get you anywhere, instead you guys will be getting couple goals type of comments. So make the other couple envy you and enjoy your kink to the fullest.